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We Don't charge per Minuit because any Astrologer can't Solve Problems in only 15-30 minuits, It require some time to analyse a Birth Chart in all aspects only then he should suggest remedies because it is one's life Solution, it is not a hurry job but now a days some people are providing Prediction/Analyse/Remedies all in 15-30 minuits but they are not wrong because you are not giving them time to analyse it fully, they can do mistake but they are not wrong, really they require time but they know that you don't have time,you will not give them time, so why they leave you for others, why ? so they are serving you as your requirement only but what they are serving it does not matter for them Be Intelligent & Get Best Advise

Our Simple but Best Procedure is as below:  

First Choose Call us or Ask Question & Direct Pay by one Click or for this you also can Sign up in E-store then Give your Birth Detail to us by Call or by Mail & Get a time of Astrologer 's Consultancy in which time he can analyse it's all aspects & then Get Best Solutions By Best Indian Astrologers of  as Slideshow

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Book A Call & Get Time for Consultation by Call for Full Astro & Vastu Solution with remedies as your Kundali..

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Ask Question by Email & Get Answer with Full Astro/ Vastu Solution of questions with all remedies as your Kundali...

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  It is Mimimam Charge in Indian Astrology World but You Can Save your 400/-Also   But what precious advise you will loss by save these 400/-,You Can't Imegine  

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How our Karma affected by Planets, understand it

We born by Sun rays as astrology sun is our real father we  have proof of this in our kundalini chakra it’s colors, which are same as Sun rays,As astrology Moon is our real mother How As proof of this is that every Female’s Menstruation    cycle is the reason of birth which is manage by moon’s 27days cycle so many things about all Nine planets these have big effect on us……..

In short as photo(1) all star’s gravitational 60%waves effects on us/Earth,these stars makes Rashi(Zodiac Sign) as photo(2) Sun & other planets’s gravitational 80% waves effects to us on earth,these makesNavgrah as photo(3) Earth’s gravitational 100% waves effect to us, it makes Lagna of Kundali                

                                    So Our Karma Directly Effects by

position of these Nakshtra/Planet/Lagna in our Kundali   

Our All Rituals Karma are remedies of all planet but in past these Karma were done only on special occasion (Tyohars) which were calculate by Moon cycle on special Tithi (date by Moon) & special Position of Planets, Till Now we all celebrate Janmastami,Dashhara &Diwali as Tithi but this is our weekness that Now we celebrate our Birthday on every year on other Tithi as New Date system………..Think


Why we are charging Lowest ……..?      

As we are providing Full Predictions & Best Remedies of your Birth Chart in 400/-only

Simply we are helping to personals who have not fully believed in Astrology, while all persons are daily doing astrological’s remedies in their daily routine work but without knowledge,also some time they done it wrongly,Same due to not knowledge so they self create these problems & also self remedies for it but unknowingly,Now they only require to understand the right reason of Bad Events & Problems, they self can solve these problems but only after understand simple remedies. In this our Calling Session of 400/-we are trying to teach them that How (Navgrah) Nine Planet’s position effects on your karma by which you self creating problems but really not by     you……understand this theory. Planets only can estimated or Manage by Astrology Not any other method in this world for estimate the Energy of planets So it is 100% true that everything happening with us only due to the wrong position of these Nine Planets in our Birth Chart So First believe on Astrology   only then Astrology remedies can help you…Not by Puja, Path and Mantra only  

Karm have the power to change planet’s effect same as planets have the power to change our Karm

    So we want to aware to all you that these remedies are looking very little but these have Karmic Power of change effects of Planets

             {So once definitely you should Try these remedies only then you can believe Truth, we are not so costly but it’s your choice}

Aajkal Na Jane Kon Kiska Birthday Mana raha hai, Lekin Khud ka to Nahi Mana Raha, Ye Bat to Pakki Hai

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